5 reasons to work in hospitality

5 reasons to work in hospitality

If you’re looking to work in the hospitality industry here’s 5 reasons why you should join one of the fastest growing industries in Australia!

1. You’re giving people a great experience

Whether you’re a concierge in a hotel, or a kitchen hand working behind the scenes, or even if you’re involved in the management of a hospitality business, every time you come into work you’re making someone’s day that little bit better. Your business is all about people. It’s not about click-through rates or IPOs; it’s about making people happy.

2. It’s creative

As well as being a people-oriented industry, hospitality is creative. You are creating a product — be that food, drink, or an experience — and there’s always scope to dream up new ways of making it more enjoyable for your customers.

3. The world is your oyster

Every country in the world has a hospitality industry, and the skills you learn here are readily transferable, meaning that a career in hospitality can very easily be the key to discovering new countries, new culture and new people.

4. Escape the 9-5

Break the mould. No 9 am start, same bus ride, desk and lunch hour. Hospitality involves a great deal of variety, not only in terms of the hours you work, but also the work you do during those hours.

5. Killer atmosphere

In any workplace, there are always colleagues you don’t get on with, and one or two who are a bit unfriendly, but the good news is that not many work in hospitality. We don’t hire people who are unfriendly to our customers, which is why the hospitality industry contains some of the most vibrant, lively and fun people you’ll ever meet. Hospitality has some of the best culture you can find.