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Organising awesome venues and events requires awesome staff. Attender helps source and manage your team!

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Attender takes the complexity out of sourcing hospitality workers. A single platform for hiring, trialling and managing staff ongoing. Attender dramatically cuts the time it takes to find experienced and ready-to-work staff.


Attender encapsulates the needs of hospitality venues and workers in one platform.

Access to users previous experience, skill level, availability and ratings.

Communicate with potential, previous and ongoing staff in one place.

Managers can visualise their venue resourcing and customise it to the fullest. listing current staff with scheduling and reporting.

Integration with Google and social calendars to anticipate up-coming events with suggested staff to work on the day.

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Need a job? The simpler way to find work

The solution to the old, time-consuming way of finding a job in hospitality.